Staff Picks: Thanksgiving Remedies

We are happy and incredibly gracious for those of you who stopped by to chat, sample or purchase all things CBD with us this year. If you are not able to have an in-depth discussion before you baste your turkey and prepare the potatoes this week, here are the staff recommendations for Thanksgiving, Green Friday, and Small Business Saturday!
CBD for Life Oral Spray - very effective for anxiety relief. If your family is a source of stress for you or the traveling makes you uneasy, you can bring it with you to family get-togethers or keep it with you on your form of transportation. Just a quick couple of sprays under the tongue and anxiety decreases - very easy and discrete.
Mary's Muscle Freeze - one of the favorites from the start. Great for anyone running the Turkey trot in your area or recovering from bringing too many groceries inside in one trip. This topical is fast-acting and long-term. Apply to the area that is bothering you, and get your post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping off on the right foot.
Select CBD All in One Vape - another effective remedy for anxiety relief. If you are not keen to the spray and smoking is your preferred delivery method, consider the Select CBD pen. For instance, if the thought of organizing more than your share of the Thanksgiving meal is filling you with more stress than gratitude, consider the Focus pen that comes in peppermint and spearmint flavors. This allows you to have mental clarity while calming your nerves.
Reilly's Hemp Calm Treats - if you are traveling with a furry friend who does not tend to do well in car rides, unpredictable weather, or meeting new people, give Reilly's a try. Support fast-acting calm, relaxation, and general wellness in pets experiencing anxiety, stress or nervousness, while contributing to the overall balance and harmony of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).