The Most Common Complaints About Natural Pain Relief, and Why They Are All Bunk

Natural pain relief treatment modalities and products have a bad rap for no good reason. Surf the web for complaints about natural pain relief and you will find a slew of hit pieces designed to steer consumers toward conventional medicine. The truth is, natural pain relief works better than many traditional medicines and treatment modalities.   

Myth #1: Natural Pain Relief is Merely a Placebo

Critics of natural pain relief argue alternative medical treatments are merely a placebo. These critics believe natural pain products such as green tea, herbs, acupuncture and CBD oil merely make those in pain believe they feel better. In reality, natural pain relief critics are distorting the truth in quite the shameful manner. Unfortunately, such manipulation occurs in mainstream media outlets across the globe. The critics typically admit the active drug molecules of herbs and CBD oil provide some benefits yet additional research is still necessary. 

There is no reason to dismiss the benefits from alternative medicine just because a few people here and there endorse this all-natural route to pain relief. The proof is in the pudding: ask those who rely on natural forms of pain relief about their experience, and you will find the benefits are quite real. The bottom line is naturopathy critics fear the unknown, have closed minds and are paid off by big pharma to tout the supposed merits of prescription medications.

Myth #2: Naturopathic Medicine is Costly and Ineffective

If you were to poll physicians about the merits of naturopathic medicine and herbalism, many would admit patients responded quite well to these alternative approaches. The irony is plenty of patients do not respond to surgery or other traditional approaches for the treatment of chronic conditions. Alternative medicine does mitigate or even cure myriad illnesses, conditions and even some diseases.  There is no reason to stereotype natural medicine as uber-expensive when the cost of traditional medicine in the western world is skyrocketing.  Prices differ by each natural treatment approach, patient condition and even by a physician. 

If you are concerned about the cost of naturopathy, consider the fact that this approach zeroes in on the actual cause of the malady as opposed to the symptoms. Pay the initial upfront cost for a natural treatment to address your malady, and you will spend less across posterity.

Myth #3:  Natural Pain Relief is for Hippies

It is certainly true that some hippies enjoy green tea, CBD oil and other natural forms of pain relief. However, this does not mean tree-huggers are the only ones using naturopathy. Every day people across the world use these all-natural forms of pain relief to cure an array of ailments. 

Myth #4:  Natural Medicine is a Waste of Money and Time

Proponents of the traditional western medicine model like to claim natural medicine is wasteful. As noted above, there is a popular argument that natural approaches are merely placebos unlikely to produce any beneficial result. The irony is the same statement can be made regarding the western medicine model. Consider the harmful side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries. Those who take such drugs and undergo extensive surgeries sometimes find life becomes even more painful and difficult.

Myth #5: Natural Pain Relief Lacks Scientific Backing

The primary criticism of natural medicine is there is no science to prove its merits. The truth is critics of natural medicine are either intellectually lazy or bald-faced liars. All it takes is a simple Google search to summon the countless healing effects of natural pain relief.  Naturopathy is certainly unique in the fact that it relies on a holistic approach yet it is not baseless. Furthermore, naturopaths must complete intensive and extensive studying and training before receiving the qualifications necessary to practice. These medical professionals learn the nuances of scientifically proven all-natural techniques before attempting to diagnose patient illness and recommend natural solutions.

Myth #6: Naturopathic Medicine and Traditional Medical Care Do Not Work in Unison

Plenty of naturopaths recommend a combination of naturopathic medicine with traditional medical care. Naturopaths far and wide are willing to admit the traditional western medicine approach has some merit. However, the best approach to alleviating pain and other conditions is the use of all-natural methods with some aspects of the western medicine model. In some cases, natural remedies balance and enhance the benefits provided by modern pharmaceuticals and medicine. Give fresh, all-natural ingredients a try, and you will find they do improve the functionality of your organs and promote the positive effects of pharmaceuticals.

Author Bio: Andrew Havens is the president of Nganic, selling the highest quality CBD Hemp products. Their products are made locally in Reno, NV, with all ingredients being sourced from the US, including their organically Colorado-grown hemp. 


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