O.penVAPE Dual Logic

O.penVAPE Dual Logic

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Step up your game with the O.penVAPE Dual Logic Battery!

The O.penVAPE Dual Logic is designed to produce bigger puffs and pre-heat our oils. The Dual Logic gives the user the option push the button while pulling to produce a bigger puff or use without the button like the original O.penVAPE battery.

To use, turn on by pressing the button on the battery 5 times. Once on, your O.penVAPE will begin pre-heating your oil-filled cartridge. To use, simply draw on the device or hold the button down while inhaling for a stronger experience. When finished using, be sure to turn off by pressing 5 times and do not expose to extreme temperatures when storing.

  • Battery will come partially charged
  • Fully charged battery delivers up to 500 puffs
  • Dual logic battery will recharge about 500 times
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on battery