Our Story: Cannabis Pioneers

Ceres Natural Remedies is the sister company to CeresMED, Vermont’s first licensed medical cannabis company. We opened Vermont’s premier CBD store and educational center, the first Ceres Natural Remedies, in 2015 as an extension to our dispensary in response to the public demand for reliable CBD information and products after Charlotte Figi’s story was told for the first time by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN. Local families and health care professionals alike were searching for guidance on what was available through our state medical cannabis program in order to provide relief for children suffering with epilepsy syndromes similar to Charlotte’s. Industrial hemp was still federally illegal and CBD, or cannabidiol, was not prevalent within cannabis genetics in Vermont, nor the United States as a whole.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work to find solutions for our community. We identified and connected them to resources they could trust. We collaborated to successfully lobby our state government to allow for CBD products to be imported into Vermont. We became the first Vermont resellers of products by Charlotte’s Web and Mary’s Nutritionals, two pioneering CBD companies out of Colorado. With input from parents and accompanying physicians, we created custom formulations with novel cannabinoids for our registered pediatric patients at the dispensary. And we began to grow our own line of CBD products under the Ceres Natural Remedies brand, built on the knowledge that we gained along the way.

Since then, Ceres has grown from a small room adjacent to our dispensary, to a spacious and welcoming flagship store located in the heart of downtown Burlington, Vermont. We remain Vermont’s trusted resource for education regarding CBD products and the use of cannabis for health and wellness. We have expanded our Ceres brand family to include over 15 products that we feel offer consumers the best ingredients in effective formulations with competitive pricing. We continue to stock other like-minded CBD brands from Vermont, the United States, and Europe in order to support a vibrant and diverse CBD industry and to provide our customers with a wide range of expertly curated products.

Welcome to the Ceres family. You are well on your way to unlocking the healing power of nature.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission at Ceres Natural Remedies is to connect our customers with professional staff that serve the highest quality hemp products, sharing in knowledge and understanding of plant-based remedies. We fulfill our mission by incorporating our values into everything that we do – committing to social, economic, and environmental responsibility. The result is a product line that offers our customers premium ingredients with intelligent formulation that has been verified through vigorous lab testing. Our retail environments are welcoming and educational. Our staff are compassionate and accepting. We meet you where you are on your journey with plant-based remedies, whether you are just starting out or a veteran herbalist, and support you in choosing the best products to efficiently reach your goals.ere

CBD Education & Knowledge

Education & Knowledge

We have been educating people on how to effectively utilize cannabis products for health and wellness since 2013. We have the experience of consulting with thousands of registered patients in Vermont’s Medical Marijuana Program as well as a countless number of face-to-face discussions about hemp-derived CBD with visitors to our Ceres Natural Remedies stores throughout Vermont. We understand that every individual must determine through personal practice which products are most effective for them, and can guide you through this process so that you start feeling better, sooner.

Plant-Based Remedies

A case can be made that all systems of medicine started as traditional plant based systems, where community experience with the consumption of plants was how knowledge developed, and then handed down from generation to generation. At Ceres, we honor this tradition and witness on a daily basis how hemp and cannabis can play the role of the “gateway herb,” introducing people to the benefits of the complete herbal apothecary.

CBD Education - Plant-Based Remedies


People and the Planet First

We choose organic, locally-sourced ingredients and recyclable/reusable packaging because we are committed to the well-being of our fellow humans and this wondrous planet we call home. Our full spectrum CBD is always sourced from farms that utilize organic cultivation methods.