5 Products for Winter Wellness

2018 was the year of wellness, and we care to prolong that mindset into 2019. We have taken into consideration those who aren’t feeling their best during the coldest months. Here in Vermont we can drop into winter at full speed, and yet we need to take time to unwind. Below are a few products to help you meet the needs of your endocannabinoid system. Enjoy!


We’ll Give You a Hand - Cibaderm Hemp Hand Cream

Not only do we have customers swear by this hand cream, but it’s currently on our 40% off list! The scent will warm you up to the product but the actual results are what keep people coming back.


Warm Your Soul - CBD Coffee from Green Roads

A common question: What is the point of CBD coffee? You want caffeine to pick you up, but CBD calms you down. Our answer? CBD helps reduce the feeling of jitteriness. This comes in handy when driving through questionable weather that Mother Nature throws at us North-easterners. Fix yourself a cup of Green Roads CBD coffee in the morning to take some of that icy hot road rage away from your morning commute.


Aprés Ski for Your Feet - CBD For Life Foot Cream

Those of you who frequent the mountains know the glorious feeling of removing your boots after a day on the slopes. Being stuck in socks and asking a lot from your feet necessitates a foot cream to help relax your peds. CBD for Life is an award-winning company, with a foot cream that is sure to have you ready for more mountain time before you can say "shred the gnar."


Calm Your Body - CBD Bath Bomb

Is there anything better than taking a hot shower or bath after an extended period in the bitter cold? Mary’s Nutritional has the perfect bath bomb to calm you down (or boost your energy), thawing your mind, soul, and body from internalizing the frigid outdoors.


Seal In Hydration - Healing Rose Lip Balm

As much as we all like to hibernate on those below freezing days, getting out of the house with chapped lips is inevitable this time of year. Healing Rose lip balm comes in two delicious flavors to sooth chapped, dry lips and give you a daily dose of self affirmation that you’re taking care of yourself. The Vermont-based brand creates delicate recipes that act rapidly and are long-lasting.

Once again, these are personalized therapeutics. CBD is not a one-size-fits all solution. We are not doctors or medically trained, but we are happy to help answer any questions. We can’t wait to help heal you!