Brand Ambassador Bio: Clarissa Finks

Brand Ambassador Bio: Clarissa Finks

Pro cyclist Clarissa Finks left behind her dream job at Burton Snowboards in 2018 to better pursue her mountain biking career. Today she races mountain bikes professionally for the Giant and Liv Co-factory Team and for local Vermont bike shop Earl’s Cyclery. She is a mentor for Vermont’s Little Bellas program and an advocate for the cycling community at large.

Clarissa grew up in Maine, eventually attending the University of Vermont. Much to the dismay of her “mountain biking momma,” she did not start riding bikes on dirt until she was a senior in college.

Clarissa started riding and racing on the same day when a friend on the UVM Cycling Team approached her with an offer: “We have a race this weekend and since you’re a girl and have a mountain bike, all you need to do is finish the race and we’ll get points – wanna come?”

How could she resist? From there, Clarissa continued XC racing, finally taking to Enduro racing in 2014.

Clarissa does occasionally come off her bike the hard way, and sustaining injuries is a reality that comes with the territory. It’s not uncommon to wake up stiff and sore. By using a combination of CBD products from Ceres Natural Remedies, Clarissa has been able to find relief and get back to riding.

“I really do feel like your CBD products have help cut the recovery time way down, allowing me to get back out there faster. It doesn’t magically make (the pain) all go away, it just gets me to a place where I can comfortably move my body again. This allows me to get things moving and generate blood flow to speed up the healing process even faster. It’s been amazing.”

Clarissa’s Favorite Products

Mary’s Nutritionals Remedy Oil –  “everyday use for the pains of life and training.”

Mary’s Nutritionals Bath Bombs and Mary’s Nutritionals Muscle Freeze  ––  for “recovering from big crashes, pulled muscles or just generally overdoing it.”

Mary’s Nutritionals Elite Patch  –  “to get through long days on the bike when I’m worn down and/or beat up from previous crashes or exertion.”