CBG: The Mother of all Cannabinoids

CBG Molecule

Within the plant genus cannabis, there are currently over 100 identified cannabinoid compounds. You’re probably familiar with some of them already, the major cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol, or delta-9 THC, and cannabidiol, or CBD, but have you heard of CBG?

Cannabigerol is a lesser-known compound, but it is quickly gaining more attention as research regarding its therapeutic benefits becomes more available. In response to this new knowledge, growers are now breeding high CBG cultivars to meet consumer demand and CBG is popping up on ingredient labels across the country.

That includes here at Ceres Natural Remedies. This month we launch our new CBG pre-roll made with premium, Vermont grown hemp. We have also welcomed a new brand to our shelves, Xula, which incorporates CBG into two of the formulas we stock: ah! and whew!

Read on to learn more about CBG, these new products, and to gain insight into how they could become effective tools in your plant-based home apothecary.

What is CBG?

It’s referred to as “the mother of all cannabinoids” because THC and CBD are both derived from CBGa, the acidic form of CBG. CBGa is the predominant cannabinoid in the early stages of the cannabis plant’s life cycle. As it grows, enzymatic activity within the plant transforms CBGa into THCa and CBDa, which are the precursors to THC and CBD.  By the time a cannabis plant is harvested for its flowers, very little CBGa remains. This is why CBG is often referred to as a “minor cannabinoid.”

Up until now, CBG products were relatively scarce and expensive in the US as a whole, but that is changing. As more states  start regulated hemp programs this opens up the opportunity for more farmers and breeders to grow hemp and to develop CBG-dominant genetics. The hemp cultivar that we are using in our pre-rolls is White CBG. It was developed by transforming the cannabis cultivar “The White” into a CBG-dominant line. It is known for its abundant resin and terpene production.

We are fortunate to live in a state like Vermont where we have access to CBG flower grown by Vermont farmers. Because of this, we are able to offer our CBG pre-rolls alongside our CBD pre-rolls at no additional cost.

What are the therapeutic effects of CBG?

CBG’s shining reputation stems from the potential therapeutic benefits. Research has shown that CBG has the potential to be involved in the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseHuntington’s Disease due to its anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective and anti proliferative qualities. It may also be an effective treatment for glaucoma based on a study that indicates that it may reduce intraocular pressure.

Additionally, some studies show that CBG works as an appetite stimulant, making it a potential treatment option for cachexia or wasting syndrome associated with late-stage cancer.

Our customers report that CBG products provide them with a calm and balanced experience with a slight energetic boost and an increase in mental clarity.

How do you consume CBG?

As with all hemp derived products there are a variety of ways that you can consume CBG. The most common are ingesting infused oils, tinctures and capsules and smoking or vaping flower. We have started carrying Xula products, infused oils that blend CBD and other cannabinoids like CBN and CBG with sustainably wildcrafted and organically-sourced herbs. The ah! formula combines CBD and CBG with calming and clarifying herbs like rosemary, rose, passionflower and mugwort. The whew! formula is made specifically for easing the symptoms related to menopause and blends CBD and CBG with cooling, hormone-balancing herbs such as hibiscus, schizandra berry, black cohosh and shatavari root.

Xula is a women-owned, black-owned, and Latinx CBD brand born in Mexico City. Their products support and nourish all of the bodies that are overlooked by society’s gaze, in particular female bodies, trans bodies and non-binary bodies. We choose to partner with organizations that echo these principles and stand with us as pioneers in the cannabis community.

Look for our new CBG pre-rolls, made with USDA compliant, certified organic hemp grown by Family Tree Hemp Co. in Sheldon, Vermont. We love Family Tree, because they are committed to organic practices that nourish the land they live and grow on. Each Ceres CBG pre-roll contains .8gram of their perfectly milled, hemp flower rolled in unbleached hemp paper to ensure a satisfying and smooth smoking experience.