Chocolate Covered Goat Caramellows

SKU: TKUQ00000968


These are Big Picture Farm’s award-winning Sea Salt & Vanilla caramels infused with hemp extract and then enrobed in organic dark chocolate. Each piece contains 8mg of full spectrum CBD is grown on their farm in Vermont.

Big Picture Farm is a beautiful, small, hillside goat dairy owned and operated by Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell. Their Animal-Welfare-Approved farm, along with a farmstead confectionery and creamery are located in Townsend, VT., just a short drive from our Ceres Natural Remedies store in Brattleboro. If you are traveling in Southern Vermont, we highly recommend you arrange for a tour of the farm – right after you pick up some CBD at our Ceres CBD drive-thru, the first of its kind in the Northeast! A little bit about their decadent caramels from the farmers themselves: “Big Picture Farm is committed to making the finest, most delicious caramels in the world. Our secret ingredient is our milk – we use fresh, creamy, delicious milk from our own herd of happy and healthy, free-browsing companions. Our Farmstead Goat Milk Caramels have been awarded more than a dozen national awards including Best Confection three times at the Fancy Food Show and two Good Food Awards.”

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