The Period Pack

Understand the phases of your cycle and discover how to Introduce CBD into your menstrual health routine with The Period Pack. Designed to help manage each phase of your cycle with products from women-led businesses that put a spotlight on women’s health and wellness. This pack includes: Phasey Seed Cycle Blend – Pepita Flax, Phasey Seed Cycle Blend – Sesame Sunflower, 2 Period Chocolates, Z Botanicals Sacred Moon Rub, 4 pack of The Good Patch Period Patch, and Three Buds Apothecary Bitchin’ Bath Salts.


Founded out of Tinmouth, VT, Asha Carroll created with the intent of shining a light on gynecological health. products focus on the fact that you don’t feel the same on each day of your period. Your hormones ebb and flow each day, and their products are designed to transition you through four different phases: menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal.

Z Botanicals is a small herb farm and apothecary nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont. It is the creation of Zanni and Lyndsay, two longtime herbalists and holistic health practitioners. They created the Sacred Moon Rub to bring topical relief during a woman’s sacred moon time. It was formulated with loving, healing intentions during a full moon.

Three Buds Apothecary is a women-owned and operated business located in beautiful Waitsfield, VT. Their belief in the power of plants to heal the mind, body, spirit and planet is represented in their use of 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. The Bitchin’ Bath Salts are formulated to help soothe your cramps and ease your bloating. It includes USDA Certified Organic, Full Spectrum, Vermont Hemp Extract and a unique blend of organic, calming essential oils.

The Good Patch is a woman-owned business that creates state of the art transdermal patches that provide steady and consistent ingredient delivery for up to 12 hours. Their products marry purely plant based ingredients with organically farmed Industrial hemp in formulas that assist with life’s common ailments. The Period Patch was formulated specifically to provide symptom relief during a woman’s menstrual cycle.