VT Hemp Pre-Roll

Each pre-roll has a half gram of perfectly milled, premium, organic Vermont hemp flower rolled in unbleached hemp paper. Let’s say it out loud, some of us enjoy a good smoke. It is a ritual that we savor at a certain time of day or with good company. Our Ceres Hemp Pre-rolls are perfect for that end of the day unwind. We are excited to announce that our pre-rolls are now made with USDA certified organic hemp grown by the Harrison family of Georgia Mountain Maples farm, the same farm we contract with to supply organic maple tree water for our trētap sparkling & trētap CBD sparkling beverages! To learn more about our valued partners and their commitment to sustainability, visit their website. Please note that these flowers are full spectrum and contain trace amounts of THC and other beneficial cannabinoids. While Hemp Pre-rolls are a great alternative to Tobacco products, smoking, in general, can be hazardous to your health. Please consult with your health care provider before lighting up.